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Why Are Brand Mascots Everywhere?

We’ll give you five reasons why you might want a brand mascot for your business.

In the fast-paced world of advertising and social media, brand mascots help companies navigate changing marketing trends. From the Michelin Man to the GEICO Gecko, brand mascots have played a major part of advertising for decades and can still be seen everywhere you look. And they are not just for large businesses. Small companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations all use brand mascots to stand out among the competition and break through the clutter.

Do brand mascots still work
Some of the most famous brand mascots in history

Here are five reasons why brand mascots may be right for your company’s branding:

1. They Promote Brand Recall, Emotional Connections and Profits.

Brand mascots can bring visual, verbal, and auditory elements together to create an emotional connection with potential customers. Whether they are still images or animated characters, brand mascots serve to create a brand “experience.” According to a research-based report on advertising with characters, brand mascots can increase profits and emotional connection with customers by up to 41%. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true here.

2. They are Social Media-Friendly.

Brand mascots are perfect for social media marketing, as they offer perfect material for user-generated content such as memes, pictures, and stories. In some cases, brand mascots, especially animated characters, serve to not only advertise a product but also entertain an audience. In fact, some companies have set up social media accounts for their mascots for this reason. An audience that is entertained by your mascot is much more likely to remember your product.

3. They are Versatile.

Brand mascots offer businesses a wide variety of marketing options. Animated brand mascots are perfect for short videos on social media and even full television commercials. Still images of mascots stand out on signs, billboards, car decals, company vehicles, clothing, and unlimited promotional items. The possibilities of using brand mascots are virtually limitless.

4. They Come With a Scandal-Free Guarantee.

Let's face it; celebrities are prone to scandals. From embarrassing social media comments to committing actual crimes, celebrities are people who sometimes make mistakes. When they do, their reputations can quickly tarnish a brand's image. Animated mascots, on the other hand, are scandal-free. Chances are, Tony the Tiger won’t be caught in the airport with a bunch of pills he doesn’t have a prescription for or have offensive comments he posted in college resurface only to be turned into the latest TikTok meme.

5. They are Affordable.

Nowadays, companies of all sizes can afford to develop a mascot and have it come to life with animation. With advances in graphic design and animation technology, companies no longer have to rely on expensive advertising corporations to develop their own brand mascots. In fact, a couple of artists with laptops can be just as effective at designing and bringing your mascot to life. Working with a freelance artist or animator ensures that developing a brand mascot or animating one you already have stays within your company’s budget.

Designing and animating a brand mascot is no longer just for big-name brands and companies. From their versatility and affordability to their scandal-free nature, brand mascots remain a major player in marketing strategies, no matter what type or size your business is.

Still have questions? If you'd like to find out more about how a brand mascot can help promote your business, just ask us. Over the years, we've developed brand mascots and also brought existing brand mascots to life through animation.

David Hardin | July 2023


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